We currently have a pre-existing library of 15 default templates for various use cases (we're building a new sample template every other day🎉)

Our existing PDF templates work for any industry and use case:

  • Finance teams

    • Invoicing
    • Quotes
    • Estimates
    • Expense reporting
  • HR

    • Payslip reports
    • Onboarding forms
    • Certificates
    • Rewards & Recognitions
  • Operations

    • Timesheet Reports
    • Project Management
    • Work Orders
  • Sales

    • Sales Incentive Trackers
    • Sales Targets Trackers
  • Analytics

    • Monthly CEO Reports
    • Profit and Loss Reports
  • Procurement

    • Request for Proposals
  • External and Outside Teams

    • Customer Contracts
    • Vendor KYC forms

How To Access These Templates

Once you head over to the PDF Hippo app, you will find all of the above-mentioned templates in the Templates screen. Choose one (or just hover on it) and click on Use to use that template.

You can filter the sample templates from the Templates screen by going to Templates > All > Sample